Are you leading or lagging in data management?

Data Management Quotient

The need for data today is critical. Companies must provide technologists and business users with data in a simple and straightforward manner, and data analysis is no longer a “nice to have” luxury. Where does your company stand in the data management challenge?

This survey is designed to help you assess and measure your company’s data management strengths and capabilities across the five core components of data management. We’ll provide you with your score and suggestions for areas to improve and grow.

All questions are multiple choice — simply choose the answer that most reflects your company today. Remember, this is not a grade or performance assessment. It is simply a tool to review your current implementation capabilities and offer suggestions for hidden opportunities in your company.

Five Core Components of Data Management

This assessment will cover the following data management components.

Identify, Govern, Store, Process, Provision are the five core sections

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